Late to a Date? No Excuses!

Time is money. Time is also love.

Never, ever be late to a date, especially the first, when you want to make a good – and most importantly — lasting first impression. It’s nerve-wracking as is when someone is taking the time to meet you and you’re both filled with anticipation.

Those anxious minutes watching the clock tick may seem like an eternity and the last thing you want is for your date to have is any doubt. While waiting, your date might feel stood up. Don’t go there. Being late sets the tone and the date gets off to a bad start. Being late shows you don’t respect your date’s time. But sometimes
even someone nice and considerate like you really do get stuck in traffic. Or a meeting runs late. Anything can happen. We can’t control every little unforeseen obstacle. So if you can’t help being late, stay the course and be “there” even when you’re not. Here are five common courtesy tips to avoid becoming a tardy turn-off. Continue reading Late to a Date? No Excuses!