How to Escape from a Romantic Rejection Cycle

How to Escape from a Romantic Rejection Cycle

Romantic rejection is when the person you are in a personal, intimate, and loving relationship with decides to end it abruptly. It happens to everyone; however, online romantic rejection appears to be the most brutal kind. Yet, many people find themselves willing to be in the cycle of romantic rejection because of hopes that the right person will eventually come around. Why?

Seven years ago, surveys revealed that a person engaging in online dating had one in 285,000 chance of finding the right life partner. This 2017, 74% of those who engage in online dating are finding the right person to start a committed relationship with as compared to 49% who end up in a relationship through offline dating. Big surprise! The Internet has definitely changed over the years and trust rating is through the roof. This is mainly because those behind the websites have credibly secured their sites and improved usability and friendliness. In addition, majority of online daters believe strongly in fidelity and committed relationships.

Online romantic rejection was studied in 2015 by the experts from the Michigan University. Those who were rejected online suffered higher stress levels and depression than those who were rejected in a face to face meeting.

If you tried online dating, then you know that sinking feeling that happens when someone swipes you off with a “thumbs down” even before that first meeting. Eventually, you find yourself doing the same thing to other people, which is one way to numb the feeling of rejection. However, there are other approaches you can try to not make rejection a big deal when trying online dating.

Most of the time, it’s not about you!

First, accept that often rejection is not about you but about the expectations of the other person. Keep reminding yourself that one rejection is nothing; it’s just one person out of the thousands out there looking for relationships.

Don’t give up!

Second, after rejection, get back online and look for other potential partners. You should also review those you have seen before and assess them from your fresh perspective.  Could it be you have been picking “eye candy” over substance and compatibility?

Look for a deeper connection.

Third, connect to people who already appreciate you. Emotional support is critical in trashing negativity from others.  It also prevents you from creating a mental mess and damaging your self-confidence.

Make sure to heal your wounds first.

Finally, the wounds of rejection should be healed as soon as possible so they don’t pile up. Thus, before you go back and try dating again, heal the hurt, embarrassment, or shame you may be feeling. You will find the person who will be a good match. The odds are in your favor!

The Good and Bad in Using Online Dating Memes

A meme is a new global phenomenal cult social word that portrays a funny, philosophical, dramatic, or ridiculous idea or behavior. However, the term was introduced over 40 years ago by scientific philosopher, Richard Dawkins. Most memes are used by Millennials in social media although because of its nature, it should not come as a surprise that Baby Boomers and Gen X users have begun to use them as well and it’s very common with online daters.

The Difference between a Message and a Meme

There are several reasons why memes are used instead of messages. First, it’s a better ice breaker whether you’re chatting online or face-to-face. Second, it’s widely accepted as a safe topic. Third, you’re just sharing – it’s not your thoughts or opinions which makes it relatively safe.

According to psychologists, the main difference between sending a message and sharing a meme is:

  • With messages, the emphasis is on the sender’s idea whether it is political, social, moral or commercial.
  • With memes, the emphasis is on the receiver. Memes are worthless unless there is a person you can share it with. However, for memes to be effective, you have to make sure it fits with the profile of the receiver.

The Best about Memes

Your choice of memes is a reflection of who you are. It affords others a glimpse into your character, sense of humor, and values, among others. For example, if you only show the latest trending memes, it implies that you are very active online and puts some importance in being the first to share or being socially alert.

Memes are fun! They are often witty and can say exactly what you want to say – but better! Memes can also make you popular and be the person everyone would want to hang out with.

The Sad and Negative Facts from Sharing the Wrong Memes

Memes are powerful and can have devastating effects on your online dating profile and reputation. Did you know that, just like advertising, memes can be subliminal? The memes you choose may have a hidden message that you do not want to be associated with. The best you can do is to study and check the meme before sharing it. You can also do a quick online check on the response of others on the meme.

Unfortunately, you can become the image in the meme if you’re not careful. Memes are pictures of people not always used with the permission of the individual. Any photos you have on your online accounts can be used by another person to damage your reputation. Sadly, the image may be cropped which could distort the true story behind the photo.

Finally, memes can be offensive so avoid using meme generators which can help you stay true to who you are. Instead, sit on memes you like and see how others respond to them first before using them. Fortunately, many Internet users are vocal and freely give their opinions which should help you gauge the general reaction to a meme.






Why are Some Guys Luckier than Others in Finding a Great Online Match?

Actually, the idea that men are luckier in finding online matches compared to women is a myth. It really depends on how you handle your affairs online. For instance, it is not unusual to find unattractive men getting the hot girl because he has charisma or stature or the nerd finding his wife online because he was sincere and honest in dealing with the women he met online.

According to women who have met their match online, what caught their eye was not so much the profile picture but the message of the profile picture; not so much the credentials but the fact that while the guy was looking for women to date; he was not stalking, preening, or trying to be the ultimate alpha male.

What makes a woman want to date a man from a dating site?

  • His photo looks candid, not staged
  • He has a life that is not only about dating, sex, and partying
  • He works but knows how to prioritize and organize his time
  • He’s not always online!

It’s Not All Luck; Online Dating is Serious Fun

One of the important facts about online dating is that you have players and you have those who sincerely want to find a match. Can you tell the difference?

Before you schedule a meet-up or even consider chatting with someone, give the profile a serious look. You should even consider looking them up on the Internet. Players tend to post their photos because it validates their existence and makes them feel important.

Did you know that on certain men’s websites, there are tips on how to attract certain types of women?

The Simple Word Trick

This theory states that by using simple words like “healthy”, “honest,” and “laugh,” you increase your chances of attracting messages by 17%?

The Full Body Shot Theory

This theory states that if you use a full body shot, you increase your chances of attracting interested women by 203%! However, if the full body shot is a group picture, the chances drop by 42% while an outdoor solo full body shot increases your chances by 19% more.

Given these theories, the reality is that there are men who will do whatever it takes to attract interest. The question is: are they sincere, honest, and true to character or are they just using scientific study for playing around?


What to Do to Find Your Match

The first thing you have to do is to forget about any stories you heard about online dating – successful or failed dating stories. It’s time to write your story not go chasing after stories of other people. Online dating can be done properly and there are many wonderful men and women who are searching just like you.

The keys are to:

  • Be honest but don’t be brutally honest. You also don’t owe anyone your story until they express a willingness to hear it.
  • Show who you are: do you have a great sense of humor? What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
  • Give everyone a chance but stay true to your values and do the necessary investigating and take the necessary safety measures before you go out with anyone

Finally, take everything you hear and read with caution. Be discerning and if something sounds out of synch with the profile, take no chances.


Realistically, What Are Your Chances of Finding a Life Partner Thru Online Dating?

Is online dating the modern-day version of an adult fairy tale? Many people seem to think so, which is why more than 49 million Americans who have tried online dating websites. In fact, the gender ratio of males and females users is almost equal at 52% males to 48% females. According to Statistic Brain, approximately 20% of all serious relationships began with an online connection and 17% of the couples who have married in the last twelve months (2016) started online.

The studies don’t lie. Individuals mostly say they go to online sites to find a match although there is a small percentage of adults who do it for fun and casual sex. A new set of vocabulary has emerged related to online dating that every online dater should be aware of.

What’s the Meaning of:

PUA – Pick-Up Artist is a 1970s term you want to avoid as a tag. It is often used by men (and women) who have been disappointed with the process and have been hurt or embarrassed. It is also used to refer to individuals who are into online dating in pursuit of the ultimate goal in the game of seduction.

Layby – This refers to a person who is still in a relationship but with plans of getting out of it. Part of the plan is “layby” which means setting up new prospects before ending a relationship because the person does not like the idea of being single.

Breadcrumbing – This is done by a person who just loves the chase and has no intention of finding a match.

Cuffing Season – These are the cold months when most single people want to be with someone for one or another reason like avoid holiday blues or being lonely on long winter nights. However, once the warmer months come around, they prefer to be single.

If you can avoid these types of individuals, then you will increase your chances of finding the right match.

How to Spot Fakes

These fakes are relatively easy to detect. They are individuals who gives the bare minimum – all the time. A breadcrumber will contact you once in a while just to keep in touch and do some flirting but is not interested in finding out more about your life. You’re the spare tire that may come in handy one day. If you can’t pin down this person for a date or meet-up, then move on. It’s similar to being “benched.”

You have two choices if you feel you are being breadcrumbed. One, you can confront the person and ask the simple question, “Why?” Try to do it politely and without allowing your ego to get in the way. Two, you could just move on because it could be a precursor to a dim future together if it ever graduates to a relationship.

The Reality of Online Dating

It’s highly likely that you will come across a few individuals who are not the right fit. That’s normal and should not be seen as rejection or any indication that you are less of a catch. Approach each new contact as a potential friend rather than a future life partner. No one really needs to have that kind of pressure from a stranger. Just like fairy tales, if you are meant to be together, it will happen because you click. And don’t forget, fairy tale endings happen, not because of magic, but from patience, honest work, and a willingness to take chances.

Trying Out Online Dating Websites? Here Are 3 Safety Tips

online dating websites

There are well over 50 million single people around. With that many people, you’d think it’d be easy to find a date, and — eventually — “the one.” But with today’s fast-paced, career-focused world, finding the time to go places and meet people is nearly impossible. Thus came the rise of online dating sites. Since their inception, they’ve virtually exploded, and today, one out of every 10 Americans have used an online dating site in some form. Two-thirds of online daters have gone on dates with people that they met online, and almost 25% of users say they’ve met a spouse or began a long-term relationship through dating websites.

However, with this explosion of online dating comes a number of concerns. Mainly, are dating sites safe? Is online dating safe? With shows like Criminal Minds and Catfish: The TV Show, it seems like the answer would be no. There are a few online dating websites out there that have made it their mission to create a safe dating site for users. In addition to using sites that focus more on personal safety, there are a few tips for safety in the online dating space:

  1. When making your online profile, don’t post any contact information This includes phone number, address, email accounts, etc. If you put your Facebook or Twitter page on your profile, be sure to increase the security settings on there as well. You don’t have to hide your true self or anything, but you don’t want the wrong people being able to find your information.
  2. Do some “background check dating.” Don’t be afraid to do a little detective work. If the profile picture seems a little too good to be true, search for that image on Google. An easy way to do that is to right-click on the image and select “Search Google for image.” This’ll let you know if the image was posted elsewhere and determine if it could, in fact, be them. If you’re already chatting with him or her, ask them a question and then ask it differently later. Be on the lookout for any changes to their story, no matter how minor.
  3. When going on the first date, follow these practices: First, tell a friend about it — let somebody know that you’ll be out tonight with somebody you met online. That way, at least somebody knows where you are. Make sure that the date is in a public place — restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Don’t let the initial meeting be at his or her place. It’s best to bring your own car, which puts you in charge of when you leave. And lastly, though it might be tempting or a good way to lighten the mood, avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol can impair your judgement, which can put you in bad situations.

It’s important not to let the risks of online dating websites turn you off to the practice. It’s an excellent way to meet people, especially for the modern career-oriented woman. Time is a commodity many of us don’t have, and online dating websites help the temporally-challenged ones find the happiness they deserve.

How Not to Be Awkward on a First Date

dating onlineWhat’s more nerve wrecking than dating online? Meeting your match for a first date. You are understandably apprehensive, but since you have made a connection on an online dating site you will want to continue that in person. Nothing will kill the vibe more than being weird when you are trying to clinch a mate.

Considering one in 10 Americans have used online dating sites, and 23% have ended up married, the first date is crucial for dating success. Follow these tips to not be awkward on your first date.

Don’t do dinner
Meeting for dinner can make you feel like you are having an interview with the person you are meeting. Do something fun so your conversations will be natural. You could go picnicking in the park, ice skating, go-carting, or out for ice cream and people watching. This will create instant bonding and will also give you something else to talk about the next time you — hopefully — meet.

Don’t Wait too Long
Almost 60% of dating websites users agree that dating online is a great way to meet others. But, if you hide behind a screen and talk too much, you can potentially run out of topics to discuss on your date. So get to know them in person, not just through your phone.

Don’t Spend too Long
Only spend over an hour on your first date. This way, you can leave if you are not feeling the connection. Or, if you really hit it off, you will build anticipation for the next time you see each other. It’s always a good idea to have an appointment after your date so you have a solid reason to leave when needed.

Call Them
Don’t be old fashioned and leave your date wondering for three days if you enjoyed your time. If you truly enjoyed yourself, contact them right after the date saying so. This will impress them, and who doesn’t like wow factor when getting to know someone? Plus, if you did not mesh, you will never have to contact them again.

Never worry that dating online is unsafe when you use ValiDATE dating. With background checks for all users, you will never have to question your date’s intentions or be uncomfortable. Sign up today!

The Safer Way to Online Dating is Here

online dating websiteThe myths surrounding dating websites have just about come to an end. People are no longer afraid to admit they have used or currently use an online dating website to find love. In fact, one in 10 Americans has a profile on an online dating site or app

The biggest concern around online dating websites is safety. Most people still ask if online dating is safe. The truth is that danger is everywhere. The trick is putting yourself in the best position possible to keep yourself safer. For this reason and more, ValiDATE has developed an online dating website that not only helps you find your match but provides an online dating background check at the same time.

For the 54.25 million singles out there, it’s almost impossible to find out the most basic or even detailed information about a potential partner. ValiDATE does the research for you. The site has employees with a combined 52 years background experience in law enforcement, military, and private investigations to make sure everyone on the site is exactly who they say they are.

Although there are tons of new dating websites being developed each year, very few identify as safe dating sites. This is because most of the dating sites and apps available simply focus on the thrill of meeting someone new rather than providing useful information about who you might be talking to. For this reason, people often find themselves the victims of identity fraud because the person they think they’re speaking with is indeed someone else.

With more than two-thirds of online daters admitting to going on dates with someone they’ve met online, one would think that there would be more options to do safely. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Luckily, ValiDATE provides users with an online dating website that gives them the full scoop on their potential match, better enabling online users to make the right decision.

Unlike many dating sites and apps out there, there is a cost to use the services provided by ValiDATE but that does not stop singles from looking for love. Over a third of people who date online have paid for an online dating site or app. If anything, these singles are more aware of what they are looking for and value quality over quantity.

Whether you are returning to the single world or have been in for a while, online dating is not as scary as it used to be. There are more ways than one to confirm if someone is real or simply a fraud. ValiDATE helps you go even further and does the hard work for you.

How to Find Your Next Love Online, Safely

safe dating siteLet’s face it: dating can be scary. Getting to know someone new isn’t always easy and doing so online can be even harder. How do you describe yourself in 160 characters or less? How do you portray your true personality on a web page without scaring off potential dates? More importantly, is online dating safe? These are all common questions many people looking to try online dating might ask themselves. Luckily, ValiDATE offers a safe dating site where some of the biggest concerns with online dating are addressed and everyone is who they say they are. For example, unlike most sites, ValiDATE can provide an online dating background check. Before you jump into the dating pool, here are a few facts you should know:

  • Modern career women are preferred by 42% of men.
  • “Nice guys” are preferred by 38% of women.
  • Love at first site is true for 71% of people.
  • 23% of online daters met their partner on an online dating site.
  • Dating sites and mobile dating apps are used by one in ten Americans

While some of these facts may be news to some, to many millennials, online dating is becoming more of a normalcy. More than half of internet users believe that dating online is a great way to interact with and meet new people. As much as 53% of people believe that the Internet allows you to find a better match because you can get to know more people in less time. Online dating also helps you quickly discover your likes and dislikes and what you are ultimately looking for in a partner. Most singles dating sites do not stress the importance of safe online dating, but ValiDATE makes this their entire purpose. The site is not just to connect people together, but to make them feel safe while doing so. This approach to safe online dating makes it one of the few on the market.

The Internet, in general, is a scary place to some. Using it to find love can be even scarier but ValiDATE takes this fear away. Feel secure in knowing that your next match is truly the right one for you with a safe dating site that provides you with a complete background check dating sites do not always offer. With over 54 million singles to choose from, it’s possible to find love, safely.


Here’s How to Stay Safe on Dating Websites and Find the Love of Your Life

dating websites

Recent advances in technology have completely changed the way that people live their lives, and dating is no different. Online dating websites have made it easier than ever for singles to find their soulmate, but you need a few essential tips and tricks before you can take advantage of these services.

Your top priority in life should always be to stay safe, and this is particularly important when it comes to online dating sites. About 59% of people agree that “online dating is a great way to meet people,” and the other 41% likely had a bad experience because they didn’t know how to stay safe online. To find love on the internet, you need to know how to distinguish an impostor from a real person.

Safe dating sites will have protective measures built into their service, but it’s still up to you to make sure that you’re meeting honest people online. Here are three of the most important things to keep in mind when meeting people on dating websites:

  • Only use the safest dating sites
    Approximately one in 10 Americans have already used a dating site or app at some point, and that number is growing every year. As the number of online daters continues to grow, more websites are popping up to accommodate this demand. Therefore, you should know that all dating websites are not made alike. Safe online dating sites offer several vital features to keep you protected online, such as extensive background checks and profile validation.
  • NEVER divulge personal information
    Once you find a safe dating site, you’ll begin chatting with a variety of potential suitors. Unfortunately, many people become so comfortable with the people they meet online that they immediately begin to share their life story. You should never reveal your last name, address, place of employment, or even the town you live in until you are sure that you are talking to a real person.
  • Video chat before scheduling a date
    About 71% of people believe in love at first sight, and there’s no better feeling than the first time you see a live feed of your potential match. Plus, video chat is truly the only way to guarantee that the person you are talking to has not lied about their identity.

These tips and tricks will help you navigate through the online dating process, but your experience will still be dependent on the quality of website that you use. Sign up on safe dating websites and experience the many benefits of finding a soulmate online.

3 Surefire Tips For the First Date

online dating siteOkay, so you have decided to embark on a journey in the wild and wonderful world of online dating. Congratulations! Once you’ve found the right, safe dating site that provides online dating background checks, you feel confident to meet someone that will mesh with you in a real and honest way.

And just like that, someone visits your profile. Both literally and physically, the two of you clicked. There are more than 54.25 singles out there, but somehow, this person seems like the right one for you. Around 71% of people believe in love at first sight, but you? It’s more like the first email.

Then, all of the sudden, your potential significant other wants to meet. What now?

When first meeting someone on an online dating site, interactions can be easy, fun and flirtatious. However, taking an online relationship on to dry land can be extremely daunting. Luckily, you’re not the first person to go through this. In fact, 23% of people who date online say that they’ve met their husband or spouse through online dating sites. And this could be you!

To make sure your first date goes at smoothly as possible, follow these first date tips:

Keep it Safe
Online dating can be fun and rewarding, but make sure to proceed with caution. First dates should always begin with a rendezvous in a public place. Before meeting your date, alert a friend of your whereabouts and establish a plan that they’ll execute if you fail to contact them after the date.

Keep it Simple
While grand gestures are romantic, they’re not exactly appropriate for a first encounter. On your first date, you want to get to know someone. While safe dating sites ensure that you are getting to know your first date as well as possible before your first encounter, it is important to take the time to get to know one another all the same. For a first meeting, try a simple activity such as a walk in the park, a cup of coffee or a simple dinner at a fun but quiet restaurant.

Be Yourself
While playing it cool or hard to get might seem ideal, your date will always be able to see behind your veneer of self-doubt. Instead, try being yourself. You might be surprised at how well it goes.