Why Americans are Falling in Love – Kdrama Style

Korean drama, or Kdrama, has been a hit in Asia since 2015 and has now crossed continental borders to Europe, Africa, and the United States with incredible reception. Aside from their original stories and unusual twists, there is less over-sexualization common in western shows and more romance which could explain the appeal.

Single Americans looking for a life partner could learn a lot from these Kdramas. For instance, the shows are fun to watch in groups or with a significant other. At the same time, you become exposed to romance the Asian way which is more conservative – like the old school form of romance back in the good ol’ days of Gene Kelly, Doris Day, and even Meg Ryan films.

What You Can Apply to Your Dating Behavior

Almost all Kdrama romance stories focus on building relationships. Sex does not sell the show, romance does. Thus, characters have to develop and show real emotion which pulls the viewers in. The lesson to learn: be real. While you don’t have to reveal everything about yourself, you have to be sincere in everything you say and do. This is what will either draw people in or turn them away. Either way, you win, because you won’t be wasting your time on people who play games.

The second most obvious lesson in Kdramas is the lack of Public Display of Affection (PDA). It’s romantic to secretly try to hold the other person’s hand or give a peck after the first date instead of trying to get her in bed thinking it is the logical conclusion to dating.

If you want to build relationships, learn to leave a little to the imagination. Don’t dress so skimpily unless you want to take it to the next level. However, there is a lot of excitement in waiting so the date and the friendship progresses with great anticipation. Every time you meet, there’s that romantic thrill and chemistry that is uplifting and fun!

There is also a lot of emphasis on family values. This does not mean you should introduce each other to the family, rather focus on the values such as:

  • Making an effort not to hurt the other
  • Honesty and patience
  • Being courteous and respectful always
  • Being open-minded but firm in one’s beliefs
  • Equality and fair treatment to all
  • Compassion and support for others
  • Taking personal responsibility for your words and actions

Finally, Kdramas are not dramatically extended. Unlike US daytime dramas, Kdramas do not drag on season after season. It’s like dating – at one point you get to a cross road and have to decide where to take the relationship. One cannot stay in dating mode for years. So if you feel you have met the right one, prepare to make a commitment.