How to Escape from a Romantic Rejection Cycle

How to Escape from a Romantic Rejection Cycle

Romantic rejection is when the person you are in a personal, intimate, and loving relationship with decides to end it abruptly. It happens to everyone; however, online romantic rejection appears to be the most brutal kind. Yet, many people find themselves willing to be in the cycle of romantic rejection because of hopes that the right person will eventually come around. Why?

Seven years ago, surveys revealed that a person engaging in online dating had one in 285,000 chance of finding the right life partner. This 2017, 74% of those who engage in online dating are finding the right person to start a committed relationship with as compared to 49% who end up in a relationship through offline dating. Big surprise! The Internet has definitely changed over the years and trust rating is through the roof. This is mainly because those behind the websites have credibly secured their sites and improved usability and friendliness. In addition, majority of online daters believe strongly in fidelity and committed relationships.

Online romantic rejection was studied in 2015 by the experts from the Michigan University. Those who were rejected online suffered higher stress levels and depression than those who were rejected in a face to face meeting.

If you tried online dating, then you know that sinking feeling that happens when someone swipes you off with a “thumbs down” even before that first meeting. Eventually, you find yourself doing the same thing to other people, which is one way to numb the feeling of rejection. However, there are other approaches you can try to not make rejection a big deal when trying online dating.

Most of the time, it’s not about you!

First, accept that often rejection is not about you but about the expectations of the other person. Keep reminding yourself that one rejection is nothing; it’s just one person out of the thousands out there looking for relationships.

Don’t give up!

Second, after rejection, get back online and look for other potential partners. You should also review those you have seen before and assess them from your fresh perspective.  Could it be you have been picking “eye candy” over substance and compatibility?

Look for a deeper connection.

Third, connect to people who already appreciate you. Emotional support is critical in trashing negativity from others.  It also prevents you from creating a mental mess and damaging your self-confidence.

Make sure to heal your wounds first.

Finally, the wounds of rejection should be healed as soon as possible so they don’t pile up. Thus, before you go back and try dating again, heal the hurt, embarrassment, or shame you may be feeling. You will find the person who will be a good match. The odds are in your favor!