The Good and Bad in Using Online Dating Memes

Know Your Meme

A meme is a new global phenomenal cult social word that portrays a funny, philosophical, dramatic, or ridiculous idea or behavior. However, the term was introduced over 40 years ago by scientific philosopher, Richard Dawkins. Most memes are used by Millennials in social media although because of its nature, it should not come as a surprise that Baby Boomers and Gen X users have begun to use them as well and it’s very common with online daters.

The Difference between a Message and a Meme

There are several reasons why memes are used instead of messages. First, it’s a better ice breaker whether you’re chatting online or face-to-face. Second, it’s widely accepted as a safe topic. Third, you’re just sharing – it’s not your thoughts or opinions which makes it relatively safe.

According to psychologists, the main difference between sending a message and sharing a meme is:

  • With messages, the emphasis is on the sender’s idea whether it is political, social, moral or commercial.
  • With memes, the emphasis is on the receiver. Memes are worthless unless there is a person you can share it with. However, for memes to be effective, you have to make sure it fits with the profile of the receiver.

The Best about Memes

Your choice of memes is a reflection of who you are. It affords others a glimpse into your character, sense of humor, and values, among others. For example, if you only show the latest trending memes, it implies that you are very active online and puts some importance in being the first to share or being socially alert.

Memes are fun! They are often witty and can say exactly what you want to say – but better! Memes can also make you popular and be the person everyone would want to hang out with.

The Sad and Negative Facts from Sharing the Wrong Memes

Memes are powerful and can have devastating effects on your online dating profile and reputation. Did you know that, just like advertising, memes can be subliminal? The memes you choose may have a hidden message that you do not want to be associated with. The best you can do is to study and check the meme before sharing it. You can also do a quick online check on the response of others on the meme.

Unfortunately, you can become the image in the meme if you’re not careful. Memes are pictures of people not always used with the permission of the individual. Any photos you have on your online accounts can be used by another person to damage your reputation. Sadly, the image may be cropped which could distort the true story behind the photo.

Finally, memes can be offensive so avoid using meme generators which can help you stay true to who you are. Instead, sit on memes you like and see how others respond to them first before using them. Fortunately, many Internet users are vocal and freely give their opinions which should help you gauge the general reaction to a meme.