Why are Some Guys Luckier than Others in Finding a Great Online Match?

Man with camera and sunglasses

Actually, the idea that men are luckier in finding online matches compared to women is a myth. It really depends on how you handle your affairs online. For instance, it is not unusual to find unattractive men getting the hot girl because he has charisma or stature or the nerd finding his wife online because he was sincere and honest in dealing with the women he met online.

According to women who have met their match online, what caught their eye was not so much the profile picture but the message of the profile picture; not so much the credentials but the fact that while the guy was looking for women to date; he was not stalking, preening, or trying to be the ultimate alpha male.

What makes a woman want to date a man from a dating site?

  • His photo looks candid, not staged
  • He has a life that is not only about dating, sex, and partying
  • He works but knows how to prioritize and organize his time
  • He’s not always online!

It’s Not All Luck; Online Dating is Serious Fun

One of the important facts about online dating is that you have players and you have those who sincerely want to find a match. Can you tell the difference?

Before you schedule a meet-up or even consider chatting with someone, give the profile a serious look. You should even consider looking them up on the Internet. Players tend to post their photos because it validates their existence and makes them feel important.

Did you know that on certain men’s websites, there are tips on how to attract certain types of women?

The Simple Word Trick

This theory states that by using simple words like “healthy”, “honest,” and “laugh,” you increase your chances of attracting messages by 17%?

The Full Body Shot Theory

This theory states that if you use a full body shot, you increase your chances of attracting interested women by 203%! However, if the full body shot is a group picture, the chances drop by 42% while an outdoor solo full body shot increases your chances by 19% more.

Given these theories, the reality is that there are men who will do whatever it takes to attract interest. The question is: are they sincere, honest, and true to character or are they just using scientific study for playing around?


What to Do to Find Your Match

The first thing you have to do is to forget about any stories you heard about online dating – successful or failed dating stories. It’s time to write your story not go chasing after stories of other people. Online dating can be done properly and there are many wonderful men and women who are searching just like you.

The keys are to:

  • Be honest but don’t be brutally honest. You also don’t owe anyone your story until they express a willingness to hear it.
  • Show who you are: do you have a great sense of humor? What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
  • Give everyone a chance but stay true to your values and do the necessary investigating and take the necessary safety measures before you go out with anyone

Finally, take everything you hear and read with caution. Be discerning and if something sounds out of synch with the profile, take no chances.