How Not to Be Awkward on a First Date

dating onlineWhat’s more nerve wrecking than dating online? Meeting your match for a first date. You are understandably apprehensive, but since you have made a connection on an online dating site you will want to continue that in person. Nothing will kill the vibe more than being weird when you are trying to clinch a mate.

Considering one in 10 Americans have used online dating sites, and 23% have ended up married, the first date is crucial for dating success. Follow these tips to not be awkward on your first date.

Don’t do dinner
Meeting for dinner can make you feel like you are having an interview with the person you are meeting. Do something fun so your conversations will be natural. You could go picnicking in the park, ice skating, go-carting, or out for ice cream and people watching. This will create instant bonding and will also give you something else to talk about the next time you — hopefully — meet.

Don’t Wait too Long
Almost 60% of dating websites users agree that dating online is a great way to meet others. But, if you hide behind a screen and talk too much, you can potentially run out of topics to discuss on your date. So get to know them in person, not just through your phone.

Don’t Spend too Long
Only spend over an hour on your first date. This way, you can leave if you are not feeling the connection. Or, if you really hit it off, you will build anticipation for the next time you see each other. It’s always a good idea to have an appointment after your date so you have a solid reason to leave when needed.

Call Them
Don’t be old fashioned and leave your date wondering for three days if you enjoyed your time. If you truly enjoyed yourself, contact them right after the date saying so. This will impress them, and who doesn’t like wow factor when getting to know someone? Plus, if you did not mesh, you will never have to contact them again.

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