6 Reasons Online Dating is Better than Offline Dating

Yes we know that it goes against the classic and conventional style of courtship during a relationship, but let’s face it. Online dating is the future of relationships. Here are 6 reasons online dating is better than offline dating:

#1. You weed out all of the mess you usually would have to go on actual dates to figure out. Online dating provides you with a specific avenue as far as selecting people that you actually have things in common with and then pursuing a relationship. Offline dating on the other hand forces you to go on date after date with people you don’t share common interests with and wasting time figuring out whether or not it could work.

#2. You open up your dating scope to everyone who is on the site you’re dating from instead of the direct select few people already in your life. This opens you up to so much more diversity, increasing your chances of finding someone you can spend the rest of your life with happily. By opening up your dating pool you’re giving yourself a lot more options.

#3. Instead of dealing with the pressure to appear a certain way at first, online dating promotes the idea that it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts. Since you don’t have any pressure on you at first as far as keeping up physical appearances, you can 100% be yourself without any precautions. This helps you because now when you’re planning a date, instead of stumbling around trying to figure the other person out, you can confidently be yourself from the get go which will then translate into being confidently yourself when you eventually meet.

#4. With online dating’s efficient way of pre-screening people before agreeing to dates it’s less likely that you’ll have to deal with as many break ups. When you’re dating offline someone may become more attached and breaking it off can be messy and difficult. Online dating takes the majority of that stress away. Since you’re constantly having to communicate in such honest ways and due to the fact that your dating pool has opened up so widely, it’s unlikely that your online prospects will take the choice of not dating them anymore as personally.

#5. You get to keep your standards high without the risk of offending anyone. If someone online isn’t up to your standards then it’s fairly easy to keep them out of your life whereas in person a conversation like that can be extremely difficult to navigate. With multiple ways of pre-screening someone before communicating with them, online dating makes finding a match that’s right for you so much easier than you could’ve imagined.

#6. You get to practice talking to people before actually talking to them. We know this one can be a bit confusing but bear with us. Instead of fumbling for your words on a first date and accidentally bringing up topics your date knows nothing about, instead you get to talk online for a while and get to know each other before subjecting yourselves to a first date. This way when you do meet it goes far smoother and you already have a feel for what topics to discuss comfortably.