How to Tell Whether a man is Gay or Not

Now ladies we know that all of us would love to think that our gay-dar is this impenetrable force of knowledge that is always right in its judgements. However, we’re here to tell you that while your instincts may be right often, you can’t rely entirely on them to judge a man’s sexuality (even though we wish we could). While we may not be endless troughs of information, here are the top three ways on how to tell whether a man is gay or not:

#1. How does he walk? While we can’t rely solely on the sway of his hips we can certainly add it to an arsenal of information about him! Often time’s gay men walk with more of a sway in their hips and less shoulder movement. This is a more stereotypically feminine way of walking so it’s a good thing to pay attention to. Even though this won’t set his sexuality in stone, you at least will have a mini clue as to what his preferences are.

#2. Is he very openly homophobic? Even though it seems entirely insane, often times men who are gay experience extreme homophobia because being accepting of gayness would threaten their sense of denial about themselves. In being openly homophobic it is less likely that someone will bring up being gay around them or strike up a conversation about the topic.

#3. You could, oh I don’t know, ask them. While we know that it used to be fairly taboo to bring up this specific topic, it’s the modern era and it’s not taboo anymore. With a society that is moving more and more towards acceptance of different definitions of sexuality and moving away from putting people in a box simply because of a few simple actions it’s honestly safer to just be up front and ask about someone’s sexuality. This being said, if we’re talking about a person on the street or an old friend that’s a different situation. If this is someone you don’t know very well, it honestly isn’t your business. If it’s an old friend, asking them about their sexuality could put them in a bad position because if they are gay, they may not be out yet and you could be forcing them to come out with your prying questions.

However, if this is a man that you are interested in but you just can’t quite tell if he is simply a well-groomed individual or gay, then with as much delicacy as you can manage, by all means ask away. Regardless, the entire situation unless it directly affects you in some way is in all actuality none of your business. If it’s your friend, let them come out to you in their own time and if it’s a stranger, let them live their life without your prying questions and if it’s a person that you’re potentially interested in, then just ask them and get it out of the way so that you don’t spend too much time overthinking it.