How to Start an Online Conversation

Starting conversations in person can be a bit daunting, but starting them online opens up an entirely new realm of opportunity to look ridiculous. I mean, do you open with a corny joke or a presumptuous pick up line? Or maybe a simple “what’s up” or a more prying question. The possibilities are endless and can be frustrating for most people so here are our top five ways of how to start an online conversation:

#1. Keep your opening message short but personalized. Instead of tossing a generic “Hi!” their way, try something that will be more likely to spark their interest. Since you’re talking online you have a free pass to some information about them already. If you check out their bio and it shows that they’re a big sports buff maybe start your message off with something pertaining to that. If they’re into music try mentioning your favorite artist and asking who’s theirs is. This will show them that you’re genuinely interested in who they are as a person and make them more likely to respond.

#2. Shorthand can be your worst enemy. While it may have been totally rad to communicate only using texting acronyms and abbreviations a few years ago, when you’re trying to spark a conversation with someone online this is the opposite thing you want to do. Using shorthand like “ur, u, idk, wat” and others will most likely make the other person feel like you don’t care enough to put the time into typing those few extra letters that will make you appear literate to them. Often times people see theses abbreviations and ride others off as not as intelligent as they would like and don’t respond at all.

#3. Test out a joke that is a little difficult to answer. If you go too basic, they’ll either know the answer already and your plan is already foiled. Instead try one with a little bit of a complicated side. While this approach is one that isn’t easily pulled off, it’ll show them that you have a sense of humor and aren’t afraid to show it!

#4. Asking a question is one of the best ways to get someone to respond to you online. While it seems pretty basic, most people can’t help but to answer a question. This being said, try to avoid presumptuous ones or ones that have pretty obvious innuendo hidden within them. This can be a huge turn off when first conversing with someone.

#5. Avoid the cordial “Hi, how’s it going?” messages. They don’t stand out and honestly won’t lead too far. While you may think you’re just asking a simple nice question, it’s also a question that their Chinese food delivery guy asks them. Meaning, it’s impersonal and far from romantic.