NEVER Do These Things on a First Date

While the dating game is constantly changing with the new technology and different ways of dating, the general do’s and don’ts of dating life remain the same. Bending the rules of dating is always encouraged, but here is why you should NEVER do these things on a first date:

Order for your date.

Just don’t do it. We can’t even begin to explain the lines that this crosses when it comes to first dates. You’ve only just met this person so realistically there is no possible way you could know exactly what they would like to order. Besides that common knowledge, this is a huge violation of someone’s personal right to choose for themselves. While some people may think that it’s nice to see their date take charge, others find it presumptuous and rude. Since you’re on a first date, it’s unlikely that you know which of these people your date is so it’s best to play it safe and stick to ordering for just yourself.

Leave your phone on the table or volume up.

Unless you have an EXTREMELY good excuse for this which you have previously explained to your date, this is a definite no go for a first date. While you may think your self-control is at an all-time high, if your phone is on the table or the volume is up you’re going to be tempted to look at it every once in a while. This can make your date feel like they aren’t a priority or that you’re disinterested in the conversation, both things to avoid on a first date. Instead, stash it away in your purse or pocket for the evening and only check it during appropriate times (for example: when your date is in the bathroom, if you’re getting up to leave, if there’s an emergency).

Trash talk your ex.

While you may have convinced yourself that talking poorly about your ex will reassure your date that you’re “so totally over them and ready to move on” it will actually most likely have the opposite effect. Instead, your date will assume you’re not over them and probably begin to think you’re a jerk for talking so poorly about them. While you and your ex may have bad blood, it’s important to remember that your date most likely doesn’t know them or about what happened between you two and it is certainly not a conversation to have on a first date!