Can you Fall in Love Because of Food?

To quote so many of our adoring mothers, “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Whether it’s trying new adventurous dining places or specifically ordering famed aphrodisiacs to set the culinary mood, it’s no secret that food plays a big part in relationships. It can expose you to your loved one’s culture, their likes and dislikes and even help to build long lasting memories. Since we all need food to survive it’s a wonderful way to expand your knowledge of your loved one while trying new things. However, the age old question is still being asked; can you fall in love because of food?

To get the ball rolling in your exploration of food and love, try beginning with an assorted cheese platter. Cheese while it is delicious, is also full of zinc which can help to boost your sex drive. While the wives’ tales that surround aphrodisiacs can be hard to prove, with cheese the proof is right in the content of it’s make up. Other types of food that increase libido include clams, chocolate, pomegranate juice, and pumpkin seeds!

Besides the scientific reasoning’s behind food being correlated with love, it also can be a way for you and the person you’re dating to find common ground. One of the most difficult aspects about long term relationships is the fact that after a while, the excitement can begin to fade and the passion grows dull. To spice up the relationship (pun entirely intended) try exploring new foods with your significant other. You can plan a date night where you spend the evening sipping on wine and cooking together side by side or if you’re feeling more of a night-on-the-town, you can make reservations at a restaurant you’ve never tried before. Dull meals can make for a dull relationship so when you’re deciding on what or where to eat, try to pick something that interests you both or something you wouldn’t normally try. That way, even if you hate the taste you’ll still have a wonderful memory of being with your loved one. Since everyone has to eat, food is a great excuse to try something new.

Whether you give it up to science or simply the fact that meals can give you more time together, food can be a huge help when it comes to falling in love. So, the next time you’re tempted to order take out think again and maybe instead try something new with your culinary explorations. When it comes down to it, your relationship will be as successful as the effort you put into it. Spending a night cooking for or with your significant other while snacking on the libido boosting foods is a sure fire way to rev up your love life and send you speeding in the right direction.