How to Tell if He Likes You

As women, we aren’t super receptive when it comes to taking hints from guys unless they’re extremely direct and even then we may not fully believe that they like us in a romantic way. Since we all could use a little help figuring out whether or not the guy we’re into sees us as more than just a friend, here are the top five ways of how to tell if he likes you:

#1. He remembers personal details about your life. I know we all are searching for our prince charming to whisk us away into the sunset and tell us how beautiful we are 24/7, but we’re here to tell you to instead look for the prince who listens. While you may not think that him knowing how you take your coffee or where you grew up is an important thing in such early stages, it shows that he pays attention to you and cares about the details of your life.

#2. He texts you back within a reasonable amount of time. It’s time for us to stop making excuses and start facing reality. If he isn’t responding to your “how was your day?” text until 48 hours later, he probably isn’t really into you. While we have to be realistic about this we also need to remember that people get busy. If it’s been 30 minutes and he hasn’t responded, don’t panic! He might be at the gym or grocery shopping or just not on his phone at the time. Instead of throwing in the towel right away, give him a chance to respond and maybe even talk to you about what he was busy doing.

#3. He begins to casually insert you into his future plans. Now ladies, we aren’t saying he’s dropping hints of proposals or anything, but maybe there’s a band coming around this summer that he knows you like and he mentions going together. That is a GOOD sign! This means that he likes you to the point where he wants to spend more time together and sees himself still being in your life a good time away from now.

#4. He pays attention to you. Now we know we’ve already sort of covered this, but now we want to be more direct. This means that while you’re talking, he’s entirely focused on what you’re saying, he’s engaged and participating in the conversation and he’s attention isn’t wandering to the nearby television or guys down the hall joking around.

#5. He’s nervous or shy about when you’ll be seeing each other again. While we would all love to believe we’re completely progressive when it comes to dating, it’s still fairly common that the man will ask out the woman. This puts a lot of pressure on them and can make them nervous. If he’s anxious and asking when you’ll hang out again or is constantly confirming plans that’s a pretty good sign that he’s into you.