Love Lessons We’ve Learned from Celebrities

Ahh, celebrity relationships! Most of them don’t last, although a few lucky couples have had staying power in Hollywood over the years, or even decades. But whether A-list couples stay together or split with a valuable pre-nup in place, there are love lessons to be learned from celebrities.

Trust is key

It could be your man cheating on you with the nanny, like Ben Affleck supposedly did to Jennifer Garner, or Gavin Rossdale reportedly did to Gwen Stefani. There is not only a betrayal there, but somewhere, a level of trust was lost. To cheat on a partner is a clear indicator that trust is lost – and relationships without trust are much more likely to fail.

Maybe trust isn’t about cheating, but discretion. Another form of breaking or losing trust could be talking about private relationship issues in public – like John Mayer, who spoke out about intimate moments with Jessica Simpson, or Russell Brand, who was rather open about his inner thoughts on then-wife Katy Perry.

Lesson to be learned: steer clear of the guy –or girl- who you can’t trust with your phone, let alone your gorgeous friend.

Put family first

Whether it’s your own children, your relationship, or your siblings and/or parents, family has an important place in the life of some of Hollywood’s most successful celebrities. Women like Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon navigate careers while staying close to both their children and their parents, even through divorces on both parts and a remarriage for Witherspoon.

Garner and Affleck, for example, have worked out an amicable relationship regarding their children, while Paltrow and ex Chris Martin even continue to vacation together with their children.

And many-times-over parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are much more choosy about projects they work on, prioritizing time as a family and with each other.

Of course, we can’t all be so picky about work, but we can make efforts to put family first. This leads to more love all around.

Couples like Jay-Z and Beyonce, meanwhile, spend plenty of time together behind closed doors, making their relationship #1, but don’t let the world in to see.

Lesson to be learned: even in times of crisis, or especially then, good bonds with family are more important than outside perception.

Support your partner

In the celebrity world, this means Calvin Harris posting an Instagram about how proud he is of girlfriend Taylor Swift; to some people, it could be a reminder of Ton Cruise jumping on Oprah’s talk show couch, radiant with love for then-wife Katie Holmes.

Whether your partner wants to take art lessons or go back to school or change careers, it is important to support one another for a healthy, balanced relationship.