10 Cities Full of Sensitive Men

Many modern women – and men – can agree that finding a man who will open up to you about his emotions can sometimes be hard to do. In many cities and towns, even in 2016, men can be conditioned to regulate their emotions and hide their feelings in favor of prescribing to certain societal expectations.

Luckily, there is good news for the more emotionally inclined among us! In some cities across the United States, it’s easier to find a man who is willing to bare his soul and make a genuine connection than in others.

Seeking a sensitive man? Try these ten cities, where sensitive men are more likely to be spotted. Interestingly, they are almost all located on the East Coast of the United States.

The ten cities in the United States full of sensitive men:

  1. Pompano Beach, Florida

Looking for love with a thoughtful man? Pack your sunscreen and head southeast!

  1. Roanoke, Virginia

As they say, Virginia is for lovers – of good, old-fashioned sensitivity.

  1. West Hollywood, California

Go west, young man – and bring with you a sense of perception and understanding.

  1. Nashville, Tennessee

Perhaps love is waiting in the wings with an acoustic guitar and chart-topping ballad – about you!

  1. Buffalo, New York

Not all New Yorkers are “tough guy” stereotypes! In Buffalo, the men are more open with their emotions.

  1. Sarasota, Florida

Full of sunshine and men close to retirement age, Sarasota is the place to seek a sensitive older man.

  1. Greenville, South Carolina

One of two Carolina cities to take a place on the list, Greenville is a beautiful city, full of men who can appreciate the sentiment!

  1. Wilmington, North Carolina

North Carolina is home to at least one city where sensitive men are to be found.

  1. Indianapolis, Indiana

Meet a simple, sensitive man in a mid-West city like Indianapolis.

  1. Staten Island, New York

Not far from the busy island of Manhattan, a more laid-back and receptive man is living on Staten Island.

Sensitivity and the modern man

Sure, some people still believe in the idea of a caveman with bravado, or a man who values fists over feelings, as being more “masculine” than a man who has more sensitive traits. But we’re here to tell you, with the help of Psychology Today, that being a sensitive man has some distinct advantages in the modern world.

Not sure if a sensitive man is the right romantic partner for you?

Check out this list of reasons that sensitive lovers are superior, published in the Huffington Post by a licensed marriage and family therapist with more than 20 years of experience as a counselor. Benefits of being sensitive include higher empathy, being more perceptive, creativity, and excellent self-care habits – all pretty desirable traits in a partner, if you ask us!