Perfect Date Movies Coming Out in 2016

There are so many great movies coming out this year that it would seem silly to miss the chance to take your date to something hilarious, full of action, or romantic—really though, with this year’s choices there’s bound to be something that suits her fancy.

Whether it be the new Angry Birds movie coming out or The Huntsman with Chris Hemsworth, you have the best of both worlds.

A movie date is one of the best dates, especially if it’s one of your first. Going to the movies helps break all the awkwardness. Plan to meet at the movies first and then dinner after or a night cap after, this is the perfect opportunity for great conversations as you share opinions about the movie. It also helps shorten the weird introduction stage of meeting each other if you meet then go into the theater.

I may be biased, but a great movie night could start with the new X-Men that is coming out in May or Captain America, Marvel always produces great movies. You really can’t go wrong with either. And if she knows more about Marvel Productions than you, marry her.

A good romantic move could be going to see a scary movie, unless your date is terrified and she is left thinking you are inconsiderate. It is important to run your choice by your date—but don’t be confused, women love when you plan the date. So run it by her, but don’t make her choose. It is rare to find a gentleman nowadays, and to plan the date around what she likes and then surprising her with your choices is going to sweep her off her feet.

Something with a good story line is a great choice, but please shy away from anything that last as long as The Lord of the Rings. You want your date to enjoy the film, not fall asleep during it.  Something like Alice Through The Looking Glass could be a winner because of the great story line and the great mix between action and drama.

If this is one of your first dates, don’t be scared to get geeky with it. For example, the new Ninja Turtle movie is coming out and I think everyone should have a chance to see that, you taking her may be a huge brownie point for you—she gets to see your nerdy side and gets a good laugh in at the same time (and trust me, ever girl secretly loves a nerd.)

Whatever you pick for your date will be great, I’m sure of it, especially with all the amazing choices you’re going to have in the future. The one thing you want to avoid is making the wrong move too early in the theaters—or the wrong move in general. But hey, that’s a whole different article.

Until then, enjoy your movie date and remember to get the popcorn before she shows up.