The Different Types of Chemistry

We as human beings can be attracted to each other in many different ways and for many different reasons. You might be attracted to someone as a friend because you love that person’s style or taste. You might be romantically attracted to someone because of their wit. We are often attracted to people, especially in the Online Dating world, through only their words and their photos they’ve chosen to represent themselves. It is totally ok to be attracted to someone through just one of the following types of chemistry, but if you are lucky, the more you get to know someone, the more different types of chemistry you will have!

1. “Opposites Attract” Chemistry – We all need balance in life and this is how opposites attract. You may be a crippling extrovert, whose photos are full of friends and family, but you may be attracted to someone who has a few photos of themselves alone in nature. The more you know yourself, the more you know what you want or need in a partner. A type A planner might just need a free spirited bohemian in order to be happy!

2. “Physical” Chemistry – This is a basic and primal type of chemistry that we are often taught is the most important thing in finding a mate. But while it is more important to some than to others, it cannot be the only chemistry your have for a lasting relationship. It is perfectly wonderful to have chemistry with someone based on her legs that go on for days or based on the beautiful salt and pepper look of his beard, but if we are interested in an actual relationship, we hope that this type of chemistry is supplemented by others.

3. “Sense of Humor” Chemistry – If someone just tickles your funny bone, this is a great basis for starting a relationship. Laughing releases dopamine and other hormones that make you happy and bring you closer to another person. Whether you are both into fart jokes, dry British humor, dad puns, or slapstick comedy, making each other laugh is a great way to bond.

4. “Common Interests” Chemistry – Just as opposites can attract, so can can two people who have a lot in common. Sharing a common fascination with home brewing beer, a love of going to the theater, or a love of the same artist or author is a wonderful thing! You can always learn new information about the things you love or appreciate from a fellow enthusiast. And chances are, if you have superficial things in common, like your love for comic books or ballroom dancing, you will have deeper, more important things in common; like family values, career goals, political opinions, or faith.