3 Easy Ways to Make Sure You’re Choosing the Right Online Dating Site for Singles

online dating site for singles

Meeting someone at the bar or grocery store used to be the best way to find love, but in today’s digital age, the Internet has improved the dating experience by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, many people get stuck on an online dating site for singles that prioritizes the most attractive profile pictures instead of real, genuine people.

In order to find a safe and trusted online dating site for singles, there are a few, crucial things that you should be looking for. Transparency is key in online dating, particularly if you’re planning on meeting your suitor in person. Online dating sites that do not emphasise safety often leave their users vulnerable. They may be duped or even worse, stalked by someone who lied about their identity.

If you’re searching for a truly safe online dating site, there are a few basic principles and features that you should keep in mind. Here are three of the simplest ways to know for sure that you’re using a safe online dating site for singles:

  • Transparency
    There are more than 54 million singles out there, which means you should never have to settle for someone who is being shady about their true identity. If a single dating site user is only willing to post one picture that looks like it was taken by a professional photographer, there’s a good chance that they found that picture online. The safest dating sites make users post more than one picture and will delete profiles that engage in shady tactics online.
  • Background check dating
    Perhaps the best way to guarantee that you’re not being duped online is to join a dating site that makes all of its users undergo a background check. Generally speaking, if a website is free and does not boast a background check, you should run for the hills. About 33% of online daters have paid to use an online dating site or app, and they generally have a much better experience than those who opt for free sites that do not have the resources to perform background checks.
  • Video chat
    Approximately 71% of people say they believe in love at first sight, and the best way to catch a live glimpse of your suitor before meeting in person is with video chat. Try to find an online dating site for singles that offers this key feature. Even if someone posts 100 pictures of an attractive person, you can never be sure it’s actually them until you see them in living color.

These might seem like obvious things to look for, but you may be surprised at how many singles rush into a relationship online without truly knowing who is on the other side of the screen. Find a safe dating site that provides all of these features and take advantage of everything online dating has to offer.