The Thrill of the Chase: Should You Play Hard to Get?

All women at some point in time in their lives have been told the age old tale that “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Turns out that this is a fairly true statement. When women “play hard to get” they give off the vibe that they are of value and something to be “attained” (and we’re saying this in the least objectifying way possible) by a man which in turn causes the man to want her more. It’s not rocket science, right?

On the other hand, should we have men out there playing hard to get as well? While I’m sure we’d all like to shout a unanimous “NO!” in their direction, studies have actually shown that women are most attracted to men when they were unsure whether or not the men actually liked them or not. As annoying as it may sound, the uncertainty is what may have caused this reaction from women. Since they were unsure how the men felt about them that caused them to think more about the man and in turn ended up making them like him even more.

While this entire stigma of “everyone should act aloof or unattainable” can really frustrate everyone who’s single and trying their very best to mingle it also can be done in moderation. For women, your best bet is to continue to value your self-worth and if you can do so without causing any collateral damage, maybe even appear to have other men around you that are interested in you. For men, try not to confess your undying love for the woman you’re interested in right away.

In both cases you have to be careful because being too aloof or too unavailable can cause the one person you’re actually interested in to inevitably lose their interest in you. So while you may not way to be screaming about being single or loving them right away, it’s important that you give them enough of your attention so that they can at least understand that they have a chance with you. From there, let the relationship develop naturally and once you’re comfortable enough with them, it’s time to drop the act and let them know how you really feel.

While playing hard to get can be fun and enticing it simply can’t go on forever. If you’re dating them maybe give yourself a legitimate limit as to how far the playing hard to get will go. Promise yourself that after the fifth date (at the latest) you’ll let them know how you’re feeling about them or you’ll start to bring up the conversation that may involve establishing that you’re not interested in dating other people and you’d like to head towards commitment town.