Do Opposites Really Attract? Race and Religion in Online Dating

We’ve all heard the age old phrase that claims “opposites attract.” When it comes to dating, being a little different than your partner can be extremely rewarding because it allows you to see the world through a new perspective and allows you to challenge each other in different ways. However, when it comes down to more serious topics such as religion, do opposites truly tend to gravitate towards each other?

Much of what can determine this is an individual’s “religious attitude.” By this we mean how strongly you believe in and practice your religion. Studies have shown that those who believe in their religion but hold their convictions more lightly are better liked than those who beliefs are unwaveringly strong. This comes to us as no surprise. Typically those whose beliefs hold much stronger are far more apt to want to discuss religion regularly which can cause conflict if you have different beliefs and can also make you feel like they’re trying to impress their religion upon you. Of course we aren’t saying that you should stop attending church every Sunday or give up on your faith for the sake of dating, however it may not be a terrible idea to try and avoid talking about it every conversation you have with your partner.

Race can be another factor when it comes to dating. In a perfect world we all would get along perfectly regardless of the color of our skin but we all know that’s not the case. However, we found that when it comes to different races, there aren’t really any major difference between which ethnicity is messaged or matched more when it comes to online dating. A major player that should be considered when relating race to dating also comes back to religion and what religious background we assume someone holds because of the way that they look.

What should always be considered when you’re online dating is the fact that just because you’ve managed to match online that doesn’t meant that they’re definitely your soul mate. There are so many different parts of each individual that online dating websites have no way to account for so take every match with a grain of salt and go into each conversation with an open mind.

The largest piece of successfully meeting someone has far more to do with being understanding and holding as little judgement up front as you possibly can. You may not agree 100% on your religious convictions, but that doesn’t mean that you should immediately write them off. When it comes to opposites attracting, the idea has been found to have far more to do with each person’s flexibility in the relationship and their willingness to try to understand their partner.