Hot or Not? How Your Profile Picture Affects Your Inbox

First impressions are everything. When it comes to online dating, this idea tends to be extremely significant. We can’t help but judge people based on their looks, and when we’re searching for love through the use of dating websites, profile photos are the first things that other potential matches see and the first chance they have to judge us. Is your profile photo hot or not? How your profile picture affects your inbox can be directly related to the pictures you choose to post of yourself, so putting your best photo forward is definitely within the realm of your best interests.

We all are well aware of the ways in which the media and society have created unrealistic images in regards to how women and men should look. This can cause a lot of personal struggle as we find it impossible to recreate the model like photos women and men are constantly comparing themselves to. While we’d like to think that people are more concerned about our personalities instead of our looks that simply isn’t true. Statistically men and women who are considered extremely attractive get about four times more messages than those who are considered average or unattractive.

With this being said, there are ways in which you can take pictures of yourself that show off your favorite features that make you feel confident. When you’re taking an oh-so-hip selfie try to use natural lighting by sitting or standing in front of a window. The sunlight tends to highlight your face perfectly and will make the photo look effortless. While we all can appreciate the smoldering straight face look, smiling in profile photos tends to gain a better response. So bare those pearly whites and snap a few pictures! When you’re choosing which selfie to use as your profile one pick one where you look natural and happy in, people want to talk to happy people.

While more attractive people are more likely to send and receive the most messages that doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged if you don’t fit into the generic beauty standards we’re bombarded with every single day. Everyone is attracted to different kinds of people and how attractive you perceive a person to be can wax and wane as time goes on and you get to know them. When it comes down to it, your confidence will take you a long way in the dating game. Don’t forget that while you’re surfing online dating communities it’s important to consider all aspects of someone’s personality.  Not just their ranking on your hotness scale.