What Type of Dater Are You? The 10 Types of Online Daters

The Ladies:

The Party Girl

The scene is common throughout all of her profile pictures: a bar or club, a drink in hand, and girlfriends in tow. You can practically hear the shouts of “woo!” from your screen. She may seem like fun and will likely be quick to give you her number. However, she might only be looking for something fun instead of something long-lasting.

The Interviewer

A woman who wants to settle down is attractive to many, but not necessarily on the first date. This type of lady will likely make your date feel more like a job interview, asking questions to help her discern if you are a match at a pace to make you wonder if she has a timer. For many, talking about procreation is best saved for after the entrees have been ordered.

The Sobber

This lady is just not ready to date again after her last relationship. She will likely be fine with some more time to heal, but her profile seems to all but call her ex out and demand to know if all men are the exact same as her last. Everyone can pick up that she’s not ready to see new people, except her.

The “Gentlemen”:

The Profile Pro

Does their dating profile look like they spent weeks getting it just right? Be cautious of someone whose profile has the feel of selling you a car rather than telling you a little about themselves. They may be a good, detail-oriented guy, but they may also be trying too hard to put up a good front.

Aged to Imperfection

The silver fox look may be attractive, but when someone who is far too old for you has reached out to your inbox, you may find it’s something better appreciated from afar. There’s nothing outright wrong with older men, especially if that is your type, but if it isn’t, you will need to find the fine line between charming and creepy, and find it fast.

The Spammer

The Spammer lives up to his namesake by repeatedly inboxing users, oftentimes with stock messages (does “hey I came across your profile and would love to get to know you better” sound familiar?). They are most likely sending the same message out to multiple users, the digital equivalent of slinging spaghetti against the wall to see if anything sticks.

Either Gender:

The Vanity Project

Instead of searching for a partner (or actually meeting anybody), these daters are counting up Likes and messages for admiration. They may seem incredibly attractive but are also incredibly elusive, which may end up being a positive since they were probably not looking for the same thing anyway.

The Depressive

Depression is a serious condition that can’t be solved easily, though many put their emotions in the wrong places, searching for someone that will be the source of their happiness. Tread lightly, but try to maintain; they may think they are looking for a date, but they may need more professional assistance.

The Rescuer

You may have heard of daters with a “savior complex” – those looking for a Depressive, trying to make their lives better. These pairings may start off well, but usually end in tears. A Depressive can only help themselves, and even if they think they want a rescuer, the problem is deeper than that.

The Realist

This type of online dater is typically the most successful, but can be hard to find. A well-rounded yet still imperfect human being that knows love is about building something together and is a combination of attraction with loving action. Many of their previous dates may have failed because, frankly, they haven’t found someone truly compatible, or ran into the other more dangerous types. But that’s okay, because that means the good ones are still out there.