Bad Date Survival Guide

It could be too much cologne, maybe he arrives late, or tries to kiss you to say hello. Usually you’ll know within 15 minutes of meeting a person whether it’s going to be a good date or a bad one. So what do you do for the next hour and 45 minutes of a bad date? Read on to find out:

Be kind and remember the Golden Rule

If there is simply no chemistry, or you find the person boring or unattractive, remember that they are still a person and that you should still treat them the way you would want to be treated. Be kind and polite, but don’t be afraid to give them feedback at the end of the date. Even though this may not be the person for you, you might be the person to help set them up for success in their later romantic ventures.

Everyone can teach you something

Turn the date into a learning experience for you. Maybe they are really knowledgeable about something that you’ve always wanted to know more about. Explore those things and ask questions. If the date is already going to be a loss, you might as well try to take something positive out if it.

If something makes you feel uncomfortable, you can just leave.

There are bad dates where the person only likes to talk about their video game collection, or carries the lingering smell of cat pee, but there are also really bad dates. If ever someone ever crosses a line, or does something that is inappropriate that makes you feel uncomfortable, just leave. There is no sense in putting yourself in danger for the sake of being considerate. As soon as someone does something that you’re not comfortable with, all bets are off and it is time to leave.

Try to find something you can enjoy about the date

If you’re out to dinner and your date is a bore, allow your server to act as a buffer. You are paying them to be kind to you, so if you need someone to talk to, feel free to strike up a conversation with them. Or if you’re at a museum, park, or gallery, focus on the things or people around you. Although you are on the date with this person, it may help you to bring another factor into the equation so that your attention doesn’t have to be solely on them

Suggest a change in the environment

This would require you to give your date the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps the person is simply uncomfortable with the setting, or is slightly out of their comfort zone. If you’re out doing something, suggest that you sit down for a cup of coffee and just chat before you bail.

Be honest about how you feel at the end of it

As bad as the date was, you don’t want to have to continue the nightmare of having the person call or text you for days afterwards questioning why you aren’t responding. Just be honest and upfront about how the date wasn’t that great, making them kindly aware that you don’t wish to have another date. There is no need to ignore them or make them feel horribly. Be kind but firm, and end your bad date knowing that you did everything you could to put a positive spin on it and make sure that you never have to go out with them again.