The Top 4 Most Romantic Getaways

After you have been in a relationship for a while, there is nothing like a romantic getaway to bring the two of you closer than ever. These are just a few ideas of places to go within the United States but do not be afraid to think outside the box. If the two of you are passionate about something specific or if you are more adventurous choose unusual locales like a National Park or a smaller city like Cincinnati or Pittsburgh. In any case, getting away from your usual surroundings will show both of you a new and exciting side of the other!

1. Napa Valley, California
This is where the United States wine industry began and developed. Whether you are both sommeliers or people who enjoy a jug of Carlo Rossi now and then, Napa Valley is for you. Its proximity to the Bay Area and its stunning landscapes give you a wide range of choices. The giant selection of world class restaurants and hotels can keep anybody busy for a lifetime. Who knows, maybe this little getaway will turn into something more.

2. Aspen, Colorado
For many, nothing is more romantic than a few days nestled into a snug cabin, surrounded by mountains and snow, with a warm fire crackling away in the fireplace. You can find all of this and so much more in Aspen! The skiing, the shopping, and the dining are just a few more ideas to heat up your romantic getaway. Even if neither of you are into skiing, there are other winter activities to enjoy during the Aspen season. Go ice skating or sledding! Learn how to curl or play hockey! The opportunities for fun and bonding are endless in Aspen.

3. Savannah, Georgia
This old Southern City is oozing with charm and laid-back grace. In addition to carriage rides through the old town or river cruises through the city Savannah also has it’s alternative side. Wonderful music in unique bars is a Savannah signature. Do not miss their delicious seafood and old school southern cooking at the myriad new and old Savannah eateries. This is a city in which to Airbnb, locals will usually leave tons of information about their favorite Savannah places that are not too touristy.

4. Maui, Hawaii
It may seem like you are in another world in Maui, but you are conveniently still within the United States, making travel far easier. Hawaii is the ultimate romantic getaway and Maui provides everything. Cultural musical and dance experiences, fine dining, beach resorts, hiking, and guided tours are just a few things with which to fill your gloriously warm and sunny days in Maui. This may be a getaway to splurge on; consider staying at an all inclusive resort so that you can focus on each other rather than on planning your activities all day.