How NOT to Behave on a Date

We’ve all had one. The horrendously ridiculous relationship where we go out on five or six dates with a person, and they tell you all about their lovely life. How they love animals and they travel all of the time. That their political views are varied and how they wake up by 7AM every weekend to make it to the sunrise yoga class in town. That person who seems so flawless until it’s been a month and you slowly start to find out that in reality they aren’t as picture-perfect as you thought they were. In fact they’re a lying dirt bag.

Don’t be that person.

Basically the number one tip on how not to behave on a date would be to not embellish yourself. Don’t try to be the editor-in-chief of the magazine of your life who cuts out all of the parts that they don’t think are interesting. When you’re meeting someone new and getting to know them you want to know their truths, their funny quirks. What you don’t want to know is their bucket list of New Year’s resolutions that never gets fulfilled. So, why would you force feed someone else yours? I know you promised yourself that this would be your year that you would go to the gym every day and eat super healthy and save up money so you could take a cruise to the Bahamas, but until those goals and ambitions become your reality there is no point in pretending like they are now—just to impress someone whose recently entered your life. As cliché as it sounds, honesty really is the best policy when it comes to dating.

Don’t hog the spotlight.

Remember that a date is a conversation that involves two people, so if you find yourself spending extended amounts of time discussing your latest hobby, try giving yourself a few more seconds to wrap up your final thoughts and ask your date a question about something in their life. As important as it is for them to get to know you, you also need to get to know them. Find out if they’re into sports or who their favorite band is. Little things may not seem to matter as much in the early stages, but all relationships start somewhere.

Put it on silent.

As we continue to deal with living and dating in the age of technology it’s important to be conscious that we aren’t totally absorbed in digital screens. Try to tuck your phone away for the evening and give your date your full attention. There’s nothing worse than going out with someone married to their phone, because that is not a relationship you can or want to compete with. Disconnect from your digital world and instead focus on the person in front of you who’s probably just as nervous as you are. Be nervous together. That’s what a first date is!