7 Texting Secrets Men Can’t Resist

We’ve all been told by some guy that men are easy to understand and not difficult to impress. Which begs the question, why haven’t any of us cracked the code of how to text men? We may not have a full-proof formula that will transform you into the text messaging messiah, but we do have seven texting secrets that men can’t resist to help guide you through the difficult realm of understanding men.

1. Confidence, confidence and more confidence!
It’s no secret that men (for the most part) enjoy being in control and relish in the fact that a few nice words can make women swoon. Well, now it’s your turn to get them swooning. Take charge and instead of abiding to the outdated “wait three days to text him after a date” rule, text him a follow up message as soon as you feel like seeing him again. It will reassure him that you had a good time and while rejection can always be scary, his response will let you know early on where he stands so that you aren’t wasting your time.

2. Creativity is key, ladies.
Yes we want you to text him first (a mind boggling concept, we know) but we also need to have a plan ready to set in motion if we’re going to do that. Think about what his interests are and try to come up with a date that both of you will enjoy. Send a, “I just saw a preview for a movie that comes out Friday and thought of you, see it with me?” text his way knowing good and well that it’s in his favorite movie genre and await his inevitable “YES!” response.

3. Be assertive.
Life is far too short to beat around the bush when it comes to dating, and our sources say that men don’t pick up on hints easily so being straight forward is preferred. If you had fun on a date shoot a, “that was really great, I’d like to go out again sometime,” message to him so that he knows for sure you’re into him.

4. Knowledge is still, in fact, power.
While we’re all running around in our busy lives we use texting to get to know each other. This means some serious conversations can be happening through screens. Bringing up things that you’re passionate about is highly recommended. Let him get to know you and ask questions that will allow you to get to know him as well.

5. Sometimes the best response is no response at all.
Now, let’s be clear. We don’t want you playing games with him. After all, with great power comes great responsibility. However, if he sends you something along the lines of, “lol I know right,” you may want to think twice before responding. While we’re all for you starting conversations and being straight up with him, it also isn’t your job to keep every conversation going. If he isn’t going to be putting effort into continuing the discussion it’s alright if you take that as a digital awkward silence and wait for him to figure out how to fill it.

6. Emoji’s are your friends, but use them wisely.
Let’s face it, we all have that one friend who digitally vomits emoji’s all over their messages and we all know how aggravating that can be. While they can be sent to add an extra spark or set the tone of a message, they should be used sparingly. Cluttering up your conversation with mini-pictures just isn’t necessary.

7. Be yourself.
There’s nothing worse than having two totally different personalities, one while you’re with him and one while you’re texting. A safe rule to stick to is if you wouldn’t say it to him in person, don’t say it in text form. Truth be told, if he’s really into you then he wants to get to know the real you so if you’re dorkier, let your dork flag fly high, and if you’re flirty then flirt away. Either way, being exactly who you are is exactly what you should be doing because let’s face it, who can resist you?