Why isn’t your hair moving?

After a few days on a free online dating site, I really hit it off with a guy I met. We both worked in the health industry, loved Mediterranean food, and read mysteries. According to his profile, we were even born in the same month, I thought it was the perfect match!

We decided to meet up for dinner at a new Greek restaurant downtown. When I got there, I saw my match sitting at the bar, and his hair looked TOTALLY different than his pictures. At first I didn’t think anything of it, but something about it just looked weird. When he turned to introduce himself I was greeted by a horrible toupee. Throughout the entire dinner he kept making references to Diplo, Kanye West and other strange contemporary cultural references.

After 10 minutes of conversation I finally had had enough and asked him if we were really born in the same month. He said he had a little confession to make, he wasn’t 34 like his profile said; HE WAS 43. He apologized for this “white lie” and tried to convince me he “really was a nice guy.” I left before my appetizer came and blocked his phone number. I don’t have time for people that lie to me before I’ve even met them.