Why can’t I use your bathroom?

After a week of chatting with a guy I met online, he asked me out on a date. He was a little older than me, (I was 29 and he was 37) but he was such a gentleman, and we really hit it off, so I decided that I’d give it a shot. We decided that the first date should be casual, so we agreed to meet that weekend at a local coffee shop for lunch.

The first date went great. We talked about our hobbies, jobs and families. I felt safe and comfortable and found him charming. I went home with a smile on my face and butterflies in my stomach.

The next week, he messaged me and asked if I wanted to get together again this weekend. He lived near the theater district, so we decided to do dinner and a show. We got a nice meal at an Italian restaurant and started walking towards the theater when I suddenly realized I had to use the bathroom very badly. I asked him if his apartment was close by, and if I could run in and use the bathroom. This is where things started getting a little fishy…

He kept deflecting my questions and asking if I could just hold it until we got to the theater. I really had to go so I begged him to stop really quickly. He finally agreed to stop in quickly before heading to the theater. When we got up there, he didn’t turn any lights on, he just pointed at the bathroom and told me to use the flashlight on my phone to find it. This freaked me out so I started flipping on lights on my way in. When I got to the hallway I finally realized why he had been so sketchy.

THE HALLWAY WAS LINED WITH PICTURES OF HIS FAMILY. I found myself face to face with photography of his wife and 3 kids on family vacations throughout the years. I asked him if he was still married and he said “Yes, but things have been kind of rocky lately, she’s at her sister’s for the weekend.”

I immediately stormed out of there, blocked his number, and never spoke to him again. I felt like I had been completely violated and my trust and respect were worthless. I called the dating service to report him, but they told me that all of the information provided was “voluntary.” I decided that the next time I tried dating I would sign up for a safe and secure site that verified profile information so that I never would be set up with a liar again.