Watch my drink, I’ll be right back…

I met this girl online and was instantly attracted to her. She was cute, so I sent her a message. After a bit of flirty chatting Caitlin told me that she had a golden retriever and worked as a freelance graphic designer to pay for studio space. Dogs and art are my passions, so I was head over heels for this girl. I asked her to meet up for drinks that Friday and she said yes. I was stoked!

When I got to the bar she was already at the bar. I walked up to her and said “Hey Caitlin!” She didn’t even acknowledge me. I tapped her on the shoulder and said “Caitlin?” She smiled and apologized, claiming that her friends usually call her Cat. I didn’t think anything of it at first.

We ordered some drinks and started chatting. She kept running to the bathroom halfway through each one, asking me to watch her drink each time. When she came back her eyes were wide and she kept sniffing. I started getting suspicious, and then someone she knew walked in and said “Hey Jenny!” I was officially freaked out.

I made up an excuse and headed home. When I got home I reverse image searched her photo on Google and found out that her name was actually Jennifer. But that wasn’t all. When I searched her full name, her MUGSHOT came up. Turns out she was arrested for possession of narcotics last year and was on probation.

She wound up calling me later that night and yelling at me for abandoning her. I told her to never contact me again and deleted my free account on the site. It really freaked me out that people could make fake profiles so easily.