The one that got away…with my TV

After being single for over two years, I decided it was time to get back in the field, so I signed up for a free online dating site. I found a cute girl, and after sending a few messages back and forth I thought we were a perfect match. I work for an electronics company, and she told me she was really interested in technology. We chatted about our favorite websites, computers, Sci-Fi movies and other nerdy things. She got really excited when I told her about my entertainment system, so I thought to myself “This is perfect, just go for it!” I asked her if she’d like to come over this weekend and watch Star Wars on my new smart TV, and she said that she’d bring the wine!

She came over and I gave her the grand tour. She was really interested in learning how I had hooked it up with no visible wires. I showed her how it all came apart and went together and she was really excited. Then we had a nice meal (takeout from the Thai place down the street), watched the movie and had a couple drinks. We wound up cuddling on the couch (yes-I’m a cuddler), and I actually fell asleep. I thought it was really sweet of her when she woke me up and asked if we could move into the bed because I looked uncomfortable there.
I woke up at 8:30 the next morning and she was gone. I thought it was a bit strange that she had taken off without saying goodbye, but I figured maybe she just was an early riser. About half an hour later, after I had made my coffee, I went to turn on the news, and my jaw dropped. MY BRAND NEW 60’ TV WAS GONE. THIS GIRL WAS 5 FOOT 3 AND SHE STOLE MY 60’ FLATSCREEN!

I went back on the site to message her, but her profile was deleted. I tried Facebooking and Googling her name but all I got were women in other states. She had used a fake name, made a fake profile, found a tech nerd and robbed him blind.

So now I’m single, $2,000 in the hole and can’t watch Star Wars without tearing up a little bit. Watch out for people with fake profiles, and any 5 foot 3 girl Hawaiian girl named Kristen Zouicki.