Sorry, I have to take this…

After a few days of chatting I decided to meet up with my match. He was tall, handsome, and a successful lawyer. He invited me out for a nice Italian dinner downtown. We met at 7:30, had an amazing meal, and were really hitting it off. He was such a gentleman, so when he asked me to take a walk down to the Bay, I got little butterflies and said of course!

We kept chatting, but after about 15 minutes, he got a phone call. He apologized and said he had to take it, because it was his ex-wife. I thought it was sweet that he was concerned enough to answer the phone. But after a minute he started SCREAMING at her. He kept telling her he was going to come home and kick his son’s ass!

I turned around and walked away. When I got home I did some research and found out that he had been arrested for child abuse! I blocked his number and deleted my profile. How can these sites let people like this on??