I dyed my hair so you might not recognize me right away…

I couldn’t believe how many single women I found online. There were women from all over the world! I was looking for a serious relationship, so I took my time and went through about 100 profiles. I finally found this beautiful 5 foot 3 blonde woman that loved hockey, health food, and was a Bernie supporter. I sent her a message and we hit it off right away.

She was really eager to meet up, so we set up a coffee date at the local café on jazz night. She told me she had dyed her hair, so I might not recognize her right away. I excited about meeting up with this cute girl that I had so much in common with, so I didn’t think twice about it.

I showed up about 10 minutes early, to get us good seats near the front, because I figured she’d need a seat near the front. Right before the show was about to start, this 5 foot 9 girl with curly brown hair walked up and called me by name. It took me a moment, then I realized what had happened. She had used fake pictures and tricked me into meeting up with her. My head started spinning, I yelled something about leaving a turkey in the oven and I literally ran away. I couldn’t believe that someone could use fake photos like that. What a creep!