Even Big Girls Still Need Daddy’s Help

It’s a classic scene in many high school flicks. Boy has major first date jitters and not just because he wants to impress his sweetheart. He also has to win over daddy. Boy picks up girl for dinner and a movie. He’s sweating bullets because dad is standing right behind girl with arms crossed, giving him a menacing stare. He pulls boy aside and whispers in his ear: “You better take care of her or I’ll kill you.” Girl knows daddy has her back. Daddy protects.

The girl grows up. Little Red Riding Hood now wears red lipstick instead of a cape and ventures out on her own into that scary world of online dating where there are many wolves. Who’s got her back then? Just choosing an online dating is a big deal. Like our fairy tale girl, every woman – whether she’s 20 or 50 – has to set foot in the big forest where adventure awaits and there’s no last-minute rescue from a courageous hunter. Ladies are lured into a bewildering maze of websites promising chemistry and romance. But what about safety? ValiDATE has your back. Unlike other dating websites, ValiDATE will hold your hand through the whole process so you know better and don’t stray into the arms of the big bad wolf. ValiDATE will thoroughly check your date’s background to make sure he’s who he say he is so you can focus on more important things – like those yummy butterfly in the tummy moments. There’s a girl in every woman who needs to feel safe. Who doesn’t want a protector in that forest out there? Feel confident and step out the door with your head held high. And don’t forget to flash a big smile.